$5 10 x 4 pack Fujitsu Alkaline Battery AA + $5 shipping (each additional item is free) at dick smith

For AAA battery http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/10-x-4-pack-Fujitsu-Alkaline-Battery-AAA-/251754949856

*40 batteries in total

Fujitsu AA Alkaline Battery are perfect for your radio, toys and games.

  • Ultra Alkaline 4 pack AA battery provides a superb range of high performance batteries, direct from one of the world's leading manufacturers
  • Using the latest advanced battery technology, these batteries offer long lasting portable power and shelf life
  • Designed for high-drain and digital applications
  • Advanced formula for higher capacity
  • No mercury or cadmium added
  • Best for Remote Controlled Toys, Remote Controls, Portable Devices, Wireless Mouse and Keyboards, Handheld Torches, Bicycle Lamps, Personal Alarms, etc

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