eBay Australia & Paypal fee Calculator
eBay & Paypal fee calculator


How much profit are you making on eBay sales?

How much fees are you paying?

Are you struggling to do these calculations or guess work?

This eBay & Paypal fee Calculator will do basic fees calculation for you.

Tool Compute

* Basic Store

* Buy It Now / Auction

* Final Value fee

* Paypal fee

* Shipping & Handling

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User Interface

eBay auction & Paypal fee

Net Proceeds

Starting Bid

Ending Bid

BIN Price

Shipping & Handling

Insert Fee

Final Value Fee

Total eBay Fees

Paypal Fee

Total All Fees

Fees Percentage

Net Profit

Calculation Example

You got an item for $67 and you want to make 25% profit, shipping & handling will cost you $12. How much is the buy it now for eBay Basic Store?

1st Calculate the Selling Price on $67 Cost Price with 25% Profit.

Selling Price = $89.33

2nd Calculate the Buy It Now Price base on the Selling Price less ebay insert fee, ebay final value fee and paypal fee.

Buy It Now Price = $99.88

Shipping & Handling = $12

You would get $22.33 if you have a successful sale.

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